New Club House

The new Club House, completely renovated offers our customers a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere ideal to relax after a day of golf.

Its terrace with more than 300 m² has unrivaled views over the Guadiana River and the Portuguese Algarve. Inside, both in the cafeteria and in the area of subscribers, the new remodeling provides a light to the environment that helps the after-golf is the perfect brooch for an unforgettable day.


En nuestra magnífica terraza, con el marco de una exquisita y cuidada ambientación, el cliente podrá degustar un menú internacional con nuestra carta de snacks, basados en productos de primera calidad de la zona con un toque moderno y sofisticado.

MEMBERSMembers Area

Our Golf Subscribers, apart from having special discounts both in the cafeteria and in the Bianka restaurant, have an exclusive area for Members with private dining room, relaxation and reading area, as well as two television screens with more than 300 satellite channels.

FOR NON-GOLFERSClub House Partners

Apart from the Golf subscribers, we also have Club House Members, who without being players have the same prices and privileges as our Golf subscribers, as well as special discounts on the purchase of Green Fees

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