Located in the municipality of Ayamonte, Costa Esuri H2O Golf Club is located in a privileged landscape, next to the River Guadiana, with a spectacular view of Portugal and the very mouth of the river, surrounded by marshes and natural lakes.

Ayamonte, the Spanish Algarve

Bathed by the Guadiana River and in the heart of the “Spanish Algarve”, AYAMONTE has always been a quiet fishing village that extends its white sloping houses to the port. The Greeks called it “Anapotaman” (over the river), which gave rise to the current name of the city.

The area is known for the sun and its endless beaches lined with pine trees. The rivers flow in chanals before reaching the sea, where water and land combine in marshes, estuaries and salt mines.

The improvement of communication infrastructures between Spain and Portugal with the construction of the International Bridge of the Guadiana, built in 1991, and the international Airport of Faro (second most important of Portugal) located 65 km. away, makes this field one to be visited by many European tourists, who enjoy the only link holes existing in the area of Huelva and southern Portugal.