Costa Esuri H2O Golf Club has an agreement signed with the company PT Golf, by which said company has installed its Golf Academy in our club. Since then, we have a highly qualified full time professional to help our players improve any aspect of their game. For the same reason we have remodelled our practice zones to adapt them to PT Golf’s requirements.

Single, couple or on the coursePrivate lessons

Our 60-minute private lessons are for all ages and levels. They can be individual or in pairs to improve any aspect of the game, long and short. Likewise, we have lessons on the course to improve the strategy and apply what has been learned in the lessons.

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11.00hrs.Group lessons

Our 60-minute group lessons, every Tuesday and Thursday, are designed to improve all areas of the game based on a monthly schedule.


“Keith Ashdown gives us some tips to make the most of our golf”

It’s the same with everything, practice! To be a good housewife, to run a flourishing business, to be a first class secretary, the salesman who gets the best results. The successful people may seem to have charming personalities, but their success goes much deeper than that. They may seem to be incredibly calm and sure of themselves, but that’s all part of their technique. Without this they would get nowhere.

The first lesson about acquiring technique, whatever your job in life, is to be sure that you never put the blame on someone or something else for your own shortcomings. Never blame the golf club for your bad shot, or the state of your bodily health for the lack of your brains. Don’t waste the energy, you need every ounce of it in building up your own technique until you arrive in the enviable position of an occasional bad shot, only emphasising the rest of the game, and all techniques have this in common, ehatever the job, whatever the pastime, practitioners realise the extent of their own limitations.

Sometimes I think I am happier today than I have ever been in my life, because after 45 years of earning my living from golf, I have discovered it is better to trim my ambitions to fit my talents, than to try to force my talents to embrace my ambitions. You know, that is not a bad new year’s resolution for anyone, what do you say?.
Good golfing!      

Keith AshdownHead Professional